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Mission & Vision

PLL-Therapeutics developed an expertise in molecule enhancement and stability using Poly-L-Lysine technology as drug delivery enabler.

Due to the antibody’s expertise and molecule enhancement, PLL-Therapeutics was able to develop their own treatment with companion diagnostic against one of the main public health problems which are neurodegenerative diseases with a first proof of concept target in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS ).

The company was launched by new investors through their holding company HFT and since January 2021 PLL-Therapeutics was created to hold our assets (patents R&D work…) and focus on commercializing the R&D pipe-line in the field of neurodegenerative diagnostics and therapies to commercial phase.

Gut Brain axis
PLL Therapeutics

News & updates

The intestine is well known to be our second brain and nearly 500 million neurons line our intestine (20 times less than our brain). But in the history of humanity was not the intestine our first Brain? The first primitive organisms were a simple digestive tract!...

The safety of PLL001 was evaluated in vivo in SOD1 mice treated or. This study was carried out in 60 mice split 4 groups (WT vehicle group1, SOD1 vehicle group 2, SOD1 Low Dose group 3 and SOD1 High Dose group 4). The low dose was estimated to be equivalent of the foreseen clinical dose and the high dose was 10 folds higher....

More and more the Gut is highlighted in many diseases as playing a key role in Parkinson or ALS by being the open gate for many components as bacteria, fungal element, lipopolysaccharides (LPS), toxins and chemicals to move in the blood and in the brain which can have a role in the development of the disease and in its chronicity....

Already launched with key player in NeuroSciences and reglementary field Will be presented shortly