About Us


Mission & Vision

PLL-Therapeutics is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company, developing an innovative drug and Diagnostic for the treatment and follow up of Neurodegenerative disease ALS and set up a platform technology for Neurologic disease as Parkinson, Altzeimer….

PLL-Therapeutics regrouped the patents and R&D on 2 parts

In the diagnostic field by searching the circulating antibodies which are the reflect of neurodegenerative and auto Immune disease. 3 patents was setup to cover our Know-how.

In the treatment of Neurodegenerative and Auto Immune disease where our main target is linked to the gut and where the permeability of the intestin is at the origin and too on the chronicity of such disease. Our DP is split in 2 DP, DP1 to restore gut permeability and DP2 dedicated to slowdown the dedicated disease.

Our technology is based on creating Poly-L-Lysine

Our technology is based on creating Poly-L-Lysine conjugate with active compounds which allow them to increase their shelflife in the body, allow them to go through the Brain Blood barrier and to distribute the compound in the cell directly.

In 2020, rising to respond to the challenge of global COVID-19 pandemic, PLL initiated a trial in the research of circulating antibodies in Covid patient which shows the presence of neurologic metabolism.

In 2020 was done the SOD1 trial on mice for ALS disease and a reglementary tox done by the company Charles River.

Scientific Advisory Board

Already launched with key player in NeuroSciences and reglementary field Will be presented shortly


CEO  : Dr Jean Pascal Zambaux
Board of Director : Mario Philips | Michel Larroche