The PLL approach: an overview

Disease evolution

  • – Early diagnostic with “immunologic profile” that identifies circulating antibodies in blood serum.
  • 2 | TREATMENT Initiated

  • – Treatment features groups of complementary compounds bound by PLL to increase half-life in the body and promotes the passage of the blood brain barrier for penetration into cells.

    – Administered in 2x daily subcutaneous injections.

  • 3 | TREATMENT Follow-up

  • Quarterly patient follow-up and disease tracking using the companion diagnostic.

The PLL approach: diagnostics

A proprietary diagnostic technology enables early diagnosis and disease tracking

  • Identification of the specific circulating antibodies for neurodegenerative diseases after indirect ELISA test and algorithm interpretation.

  • The PNS diagnostic technology identifies circulating monoclonal antibodies and antigens (ROS molecules, pro-inflammatory elements) in blood serum and compares to markers present for the disease in question.
Indirect Elisa

The PLL approach: PLL-01 therapy

… to define the best combination of compounds …

The PNS therapeutic approach is based on the following principle :

  • Active molecules are linked to Poly-L-Lysine (PLL) which increases their half-life and thereby their systemic availability to exert their activity and/or cellular uptake.
  • PLL was selected among other half-life enhancers as it may, by itself, have beneficial properties.

28 molecules with various propriety

  • Fatty acids
    Free radical scavengers
    Energy substrate
    Essential amino acids

Poly-L-Lysine coupling

Poly-L-Lysine coupling

Fully active final compound

Fully active final compound

More on PLL-01 therapy targets

A multi-target approach is needed for this multifactorial disease

PNS aims to counterbalance the multiple cellular metabolic defects of ALS and their consequences on motor-neurons, including :

  • ROS (Reactive oxygen species)
  • Glutamate
  • Inflammatory mediators
  • Amino acids
  • Gut mucosal permeability
Therapy targets